About the Author

Welcome to coreytatebooks.com! 

I wrote Armadron as the planned first book in a six part series. I wrote it during my time in the military, and I had a ton of fun doing so. Now that it’s finished, my next book Zwataru is actively being worked on, and will be released next spring.

A little about me:  I grew up around the foster care system. I’ve seen and lived with hundreds upon hundreds of troubled kids. Reading books allowed me to escape the problems of the real world early on in life. It allowed me to travel to different worlds so that I could experience life vicariously through different authors’ eyes. Now I want give the same opportunity to other kids and young adults in my own way.


I first wrote Armadron when I in early high school, in Mrs. Fields’ class. The first draft was five or six measly pages and I had no idea back then that I was about to build a whole new universe. I used to love standing in front of the class and being the class nerd, reading my journal entries for English class to my teachers and classmates. Some of my classmates even gave me their stories to read out loud because they were too shy and just wanted their stories to be heard.

I put Armadron on the back burner for a while after that. I told myself that I was too busy, so I stopped writing. It wasn’t until junior and sophomore years that I entertained the idea of 'The Otherworld Series' again, and I actually started to think of it as a possibility. My teachers, Mrs. Ferrara and Mrs. Fields, got me to a literary conference in New York, and it was there that I first realized I actually wanted to be a writer.

After about two years in the military, I really started to weave my stories on my computer. I was inspired by the men and women that I worked beside every day. They allowed me to push past the limits that I'd set for myself and reach for this brave new universe.


As I said before, I wanted to help people. I also wanted to help myself, though. Writing and storytelling has gotten me through so much, and I realized the true value of it when I went on my first ever military field exercise. Being stuck on long ruck marches, placed into harsh training environments and enduring long hours allowed me to finally think about my stories. It provided me with the opportunity to put ideas to paper, and to make others laugh and feel something, even in the most difficult, desperate times.


Affect change and inspire people! If I can get my books published in libraries and get the word out there, then millions of kids and young adults can read my books someday, and maybe that’ll do something. Even just getting a few people through the harder points in their lives is a win.

In case you ever want to chat, critique my work or want some help to work on your own . . . shoot me an email! I wish you all the best.

Corey E. Tate

Author of The Otherworld Series