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Jared Faranger is in trouble, and Scott Faranger’s powers are disappearing

 For weeks, eleven-year-old Jared Faranger has been hearing a mysterious voice in his head. And whenever he listens to it, terrible things happen. 

His body rips itself to shreds. 

‘He’ thinks as fast as a quantum computer. 

Nothing can stand in their way—even himself. 

And this terrifying voice is killing them both from the inside out. 

Nothing adds up until Jared is quantum-phased to Zwataru, a technologically superior planet currently in danger of being reprogrammed back to the stone age. 

When Jared learns the truth about who is behind the cyber terrorist attacks, he quickly realizes he has no hope of stopping the threat alone. But with his new friends weakened, his older brothers’ powers failing and enhanced beings wreaking havoc everywhere . . . Jared might have to rely on the other voice in his head—even if it means giving up his life.